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So much is riding on tyres, Give the care they deserve

An unbalanced wheel causes poor handling & effects your car's life too. Visit a Gaadizo service station to ensure an optimum performance delivery from your car's wheels.

wheel alignment

Wheel AlignmentIncrease life of your wheels.

A poorly aligned wheel causes premature wear & tear of tires. To protect your tires and get maximum performance delivery from your car's tyres. Visit a Gaadizo service station for wheel alignment.

Wheel balancing

Wheel BalancingTo Reduce the Vibrations in Your Car

Out of balance wheels causes a car to vibrate at high speeds. Thereby effecting your car's performance. Choose our wheel balancing package to get your wheels balanced and ensure optimum performance.

Wheel rotation

Wheel RotationTo Prolong your car's tyres life

Rotating tyres prevents tyres from uneven wear. It will make your ride smoother and handling safer. Tyre rotations extends the life of your tyres, saving you time and money in the long run.


Get The Complete Car Wheel Repair Service Near Me By Gaadizo

Schedule Car Wheel Repair

Offering periodic car repair is essential for a smooth and trouble-free functioning experience and lower maintenance cost. With Gaadizo, car repair plans save a lot of time and money without thinking about the spare replacement. A timely repaired car will run better than a less-repaired car as care your car repair will vital to keep it safe and shiny.

  • Get car dents fixed within no time
  • Get the best care for your car
  • Car fixing services, we all know
  • Find affordable price and professional service

Car Wheel Alignment Service

The wheel of the car is the most important aspect to have a smooth ride along with a safe journey. Bring back your off-balanced car wheels with wheel alignment serviceand make your journey safe and enjoyable. Gaadizo uses modern technology for wheel alignment related issues to ensure the high-standard repair .

  • Get better control of your car
  • It’s just more than a car repair center
  • Give your vehicle a new feel
  • Help your car to fly